Back to “normal”

Well, I think everything is back to our idea of normal now.  In ways that’s good, in other ways it’s a huge bummer.

Had to take Drew to the library yesterday to search for some books to use in his research paper.  Of course, his topic is technology related. . .

And his professor wants him to have at least one hard-copy resource.

We are still waiting to hear from the professor to find out if online copies of past periodicals will count as a “hard-copy resource”.  Because, if not, he’s hurting for a resource in print.  We did find one book in the juvenile section, and it provides a fair amount of information, but Drew is not at all happy about using a juvenile book for his college paper.

‘Course, he’s never been happy whenever he saw me give him a book marked with a “J” either.  Even though I told him, many times, that it was the best resource I could find on the topic.

The big problem for him is that, since he’s doing a technological paper, his best resources will be online or archived techy magazine articles (also found online).

You know, because our library doesn’t have such a thing as a micro – fiche reader. . .

Isn’t that funny!  My kids have never seen such a thing!

I’m still moving forward on my Am. History book.  Of course, “forward” is relative.  I feel like I’m bouncing like a slammed raquet ball.  Anyway, a form of progress was made yesterday. . .  (I’m at that point where any little thing is looked upon as a God-send.)

And, on that note, I need to get this day started and moving. . .

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