Did I mention that Drew got his final grades?  Both A’s.  His final “analysis” of each class?

English:  “I know more grammar than my teacher, and his writing style sucks.”

Pre-Calc:  “I really liked having a teacher that could help me with my questions.”  (Of course, he had a couple of questions that completely stumped her too.  Oh, and she said he should definitely go into the Math field as he’s so talented with it.)

He doesn’t have a clue what he wants to do.  Except he’s certain college is NOT part of the equation right now.

He will be taking 2 more college classes in Spring though.


We are starting back to school today.  It will be a somewhat light week.

Both older boys have writing assignments that will take the week, and I will just work with the younger kiddoes in math and reading.


I’m still trying to identify my goals for this year.  I have discovered one MAJOR problem.  I think all of my goals are HUGE projects.  In fact, of all of my projects identified thus far, the shortest one will take at least one month to finish.

Kind of a bummer.


Jay hung doors this weekend.  It’s the weirdest thing, but our main bathroom had a folding / accordian style closet door on it when we moved in.

And, our house being old, there is not such thing as a “standard-sized” doorway here.

Also, with all the “improvements” the previous owners made, they created some. . . obstacles that needed to be overcome.

Well, Jay finally found a door, and a way to hang it, and thus, it is now hung.  (One of the problems in hanging the bathroom door is that it required re-hanging the bedroom door, to open a different way.)

A REAL door!

It’s causing me all sorts of grief getting used to it now. . .


Today is an anxious day.

If you recall Jay got a job offer last Thanksgiving.

Well, in order to get the job (which, BTW, starts TODAY), he needs his CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) license.

In order to get his license he needs his transcript.  (Which he couldn’t get till he finished that semester.)

And the college is not releasing transcripts till. . .


So, he had to get special permission to miss the first day of work today.  He’s off running to get his transcript, and then he’s running to the Board of Nursing to get his license. . .

Assuming their computers are up and running.  Because, the last two times he’s been in there, their computers have been down, so they haven’t been able to do anything.

If he doesn’t get his license today, he loses the job opportunity. . .

As I said, a bit of an anxious day.


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