A Positive Start

Rather than spend time getting myself in a tizzy over what needs to be “corrected” or “improved”, I thought I would take a moment to think of what I’ve done right.

Sadly, a moment is about all it will take.

I’m thinking specifically along the lines of school, though I may be able to throw in some other things.

So, things I’ve done “right”:

  • had the kids learn to type (around age 10)
  • taught the kids to find at least two resources (preferably 3: 2 opposing and 1 midline) when looking up information.  However, Wikipedia is still a favorite with them for quickie information.
  • taught the kids how to cook.  Drew prefers to bake, and Tyler prefers stove-top cooking.
  • taught the kids actual grammar (rather than “implied”)– the older two are much better than I.
  • “chilled” with my little men.  There are times when I look at my older two and suspect some of their issues are the direct result of me pushing them too hard, too fast when they were too young.
  • taught the kids how to read and follow a map.  BTW, those map workbooks, don’t “cut-it” (though they can help).  Give your kids a map of your next field trip site and have them direct you to certain locales.  (We did this in Brugges and Brussels.)
  • OH!  Just remembered this one.  While we were visiting my parents I heard Drew offer to help my mom on at least one occasion — WITHOUT my prompting!

It’s your turn!  Take a moment to think about what you’ve done right and blog about it.  Putting it in writing makes a world of difference in your daily outlook.

Oh, and if you blog about it, let me know!  (I’m always on the lookout for ways to improve, ya know.)


One comment on “A Positive Start

  1. se7en says:

    Haha – love the “moment”… I taught my kids to do research on Wikipedia too and then discovered one of mine writing the Wiki article he was referencing – very sneaky!!! It is very hard to be mad when they are being so clever!!! Lots of love!!!

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