I have a thing for books.

I REALLY have a thing for books, as this is only 3 of the 8 bookcases we have.

As you can see the books are in a bit of disarray right now.  Tyler is particularly fond of history books (middle bookcase) and is always sneaking off with some.  He never brings them back till I notice how bare my shelves are looking and then he gets overwhelmed with trying to sort them, so just shoves them hither, thither and yon.  Makes me want to scream!

anyway. . .

I’m trying to bring order to this chaos.  In fact, ages ago, I had all my books cataloged all nice and tidy; then, things went awry.

Enter LibraryThing.

Love it!

Except something happened, (which I’ll hit in a minute), which caused me to delete the whole list on there.

Then I went to Shelfari.

And, then I came back to LibraryThing.

Now, there was something about Shelfari that just did not work for me, but for the life of me I can’t recall what it was.  And for all I know, they’ve fixed it.

But, I’m sticking with LibraryThing, because the switching back and forth is for the birds.

Now, I had started inputting books in there some time ago. (I have over 200 input as of now.) This actually presented a problem, as (SURPRISE!) my kids RARELY put back books where they actually belong. So, I’m sitting looking at my list of books on the computer and trying to figure out how to somehow tag my books in such a way that I can easily pick them up and determine if they have been input or not (avoiding duplicate inputting).


Do you all get those “free” address labels all the time from different organizations asking for donations? Well, last year I accumulated ~ 300 of those labels. (Which is saying something as they usually misspell some part of my name.)

So, I collected each and every book that was previously input and put a sticker in it.  (This has the additional benefit of the book more likely being returned upon loans.)

Now, I can pick up a book and quickly see if it has been put in the library catalog.  VERY COOL!

Let me now discuss my “beef” with LibraryThing.

One of LibraryThing’s major plusses is the ability to “tag”.  Which is fabulous if I’m looking for something in, say, “ancient history”.

But, one of it’s major DOWNSIDES is the fact that you can’t just pick a tag when you are inputting a book; you have to type it in.

Which means, if you type in:

“children’s fiction”


“children’s  fiction”

You have 2 different tags!  Didn’t catch it, did you?  There’s an extra space in the second tag.  Egads, this caused me all sorts of grief!

So, should you decide to go with LibraryThing and use tags, pull up two pages: one, for your tag list, and one for your input list.

I also have a thing for movies. . .

I can tell you there are these sites for DVD catalogs: DVDcrate, DVDanthology, DVDcoral, and moviecollectorplus. 

FYI, of those 4 you can only “tag” movies at the crate site. (i.e. I might tag “Pride and Prejudice” as “literature” to help me know I have a movie that goes along with a book, or “Saving Private Ryan” as “modern history” to indicate I have a movie to go along with that time period.)  Yet, the DVDcrate site, is overcomplicated, and “junky” (too many visual distracters).

Of the four sites, I can’t decide between DVDcoral, and moviecollectorplus. (Coral is faster, but MCP has more detail.)

I will be using those address labels for the movies too (when I decide which site to use).

So, if those various organizations would be so kind as to hurry up and send me some more free labels. . .  I finally have a use for them!


One comment on “Organization

  1. se7en says:

    Oh that is a brilliant use for those annoying stickers… finally after saving them for years because they looked so useful, I tossed our out a week or two ago!!! Now isn’t that life!!!

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