My husband has the amazing ability to frustrate me and blow my patience levels to kingdom come faster than should be allowable for any mere mortal.

This weekend he was doing a project upstairs, which (the short version is) resulted in a leak occuring *here*.  *Here* as in directly behind the main computer.  (the leak being water)

So to “protect” the computer he forcibly moved it.  (I’m quite certain, had it not been connected to cables, he would have “chucked it”.)  But, as he had to forcibly move it, and then the desk that it is under, he paid no mind to its delicate parts.

Resulting in the breakage of our router antennae. (Actually, the card that the antennae fastens into.)

Thus, our internet is now rather spotty. 

And last night I had to work on school stuff requiring the internet.  It took me well over an hour (over two, actually) to find what I needed and I only stopped at that point as I realized I desperately needed to start dinner.

So, everytime someone asked to get on the computer, whilst I was cooking, I said, “sure,” but threatened their livelihood should they close any of the windows.

Except, Jay (being an adult) doesn’t have to ask me to get on the computer.  And after dinner he plopped himself in front of it, in order to do some of his own work.

And the internet was behaving erratically for him, and he was getting irked. . .so he restarted the computer.

Without nary a mention of the deed to me first.

Which, of course, lost all my internet pages I had pulled up.


So, I had to spend the better part of 1.5 hours this morning finding them all again.

Which will truly find me in a tizzy if he returns home today to say,

“So, really, what DID you do all day?”

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One comment on “Irked

  1. se7en says:

    Oh the madder you are the harder I chuckle… Really somedays things just can’t get worse!!!

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