Nuts, I forgot

I had a fantastic post idea, but I completely forgot what it was!

That is SO typical!

Oh, I did think of another “topic chat“.  (The first one being on preparation.)  I just need to think how to write it.

Hmmm. . .

My husband is one of the warmest people I know.  I’m talking about his physical body temperature here.  Which is why, in the summer, I’m always telling him to get away from me; and in the winter I’m always begging him to “come hither”.

Lately he has been complaining about feeling cold at night, and asking for me to put another blanket on the bed.

This has been highly irregular as I’ve been nice and toasty every night this winter.

So, why is this year any different?  Why is he complaining and I’m warm?

I have put on some extra weight. . .Oh, nah, it’s gotta be the cats!  Right???

Surely, it is the two cats that park themselves directly on top of me whilst I’m snoozing.

Yep, that’s gotta be it. . .

Yesterday was our first day back at co-op.  (Refresher:  I’m teaching the “state” class. . . a non-native teaching the state class. . .go figure!)


It made sense to me that we should review everything we covered last semester.  So, I created a slide show and we played the game of “check Mrs. Christine’s memory”.

I totally rock at that game!  (And not just because I’m supposed to forget things. . .I truly do!)

Anyway, at one point, I wanted to emphasize a slide, so I stepped up onto the stage and

R. . .i. . .Ppppppp. . .

Yes, indeedy, my pants ripped on the backside!  (Actually, they ripped mid-thigh. . .and my pants are fairly loose there. . .)

I remained seated the rest of the class.

And I’m totally sticking with the cat story as to how I’m staying warm at night; rather, than think it may be due to a layer of blubber. . .


2 comments on “Nuts, I forgot

  1. mothernaturesgarden says:

    Roger has been complaining of the cold also. I say because reading doesn’t get your heart pumping. He wants to know why the cat prefers to sleep close to me. Could it be because I supply his every need?

  2. se7en says:

    Oh good grief you are so good for a laugh… I know some posts are written in the “heat” of the moment but really you should take a look back and have a seriously good laugh!!!

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