Warming up and looking good!

I was once in a co-op and we held our classes in a church building.  (Well, that’s actually still technically all true, but it’s a different co-op and a different church.)

Anyway, at this old co-op/church, I arrived early to an event and was asked to flip on lights for a particular room.

Easy-peasy, right???

Wrong!  I think I flipped on every single light switch in the building!  I know I got the other person I was there with upset, because she finally asked me what on earth I was doing.

And when I informed her I was looking for the lightswitch for the particular light in the room that she asked me to turn on, and that not a bloomin’ one seemed to work for anything, she started laughing/ sighing and shaking her head.

I hate feeling stupid, by the way.

THEN, she informs me that this particular building has some sort of gaseous bulbs.  They actually need between 5-10 minutes of warm-up time after flipping the switch to turn on.

Would have been nice if someone had thought to mention that beforehand!

And then, once they are one, they are like flourescent bulbs, starting dim and building up in intensity.

Do you recall this post, on my younger sons’ reading?

Well, Jay and I have been, er, “discussing”.  He’s been claiming they can “read” for a couple of months now, saying I’ve been holding them back.  I say they have been faking him out.

They can essentially memorize an early reader the first time through. . .It’s not “reading”; it’s memorizing.  They have not shown to me that they can actually read.

That is, until yesterday.  Yesterday, I started see signs that there was actual, honest reading going on!

And the little guys knew it too!  I could see it in their eyes, and hear it in their voices.

Relief!  I think the “warm-up” process is near it’s end and the light is starting to turn on.


So, I’ve mentioned before that I am doing a state study in co-op.  

Anyway, for all the parents’ paperwork (we have to have our stuff reviewed), I went through and wrote out our 1st semester course description.

Man!  We look good on paper! 

Shoot, on the paperwork we looked like we covered a great deal, quite thoroughly.  (The other teacher and I were thinking we didn’t cover near enough.)

Last week we ran a review of the stuff we had covered the previous semester.

Gosh, that was depressing!

I think the only thing that all the kids got right was the name of the state we’ve been studying!

Now, everybody remembered *something*, but truly no-one seemed to remember all of it.


Thankfully, the only thing reviewed is the paperwork.

I wish reality looked as good as it appears on paper.


This “double-post” courtesy of our intermittent internet issues.



One comment on “Warming up and looking good!

  1. se7en says:

    Oh dancing on the ceiling with your little guys and the reading sparkle!!!

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