Time management

So, Tyler’s best friend walks in the house the other day, spouting off with:

“How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?”

Whereupon he paused in a necessary effort to gain breathe with which to launch into the next part.

Drew seized the silence and stated,

“Well, if you know the rate at which a woodchuck could chuck wood and multiplied it by the time he spent chucking, then you would have your answer.”

And, my friends, the child was in complete earnest!

For co-op we are doing a musical called “A Twist of the Tongue”.  Garrett and Mikhail both have roles, which, given their speech issues, should add to the hilarity.  Tyler is the stage manager for the production.  (Tyler’s best friend is also in the play.)


Do you ever wonder where your time goes?  I mean honestly!

You know you have 24 hours in a day.  Most of us do our job day-in, day-out so we have a really good idea of how long it takes to do things. . .

Yet, do your days escape you as they do me?

Honestly!  Where do those seconds / minutes / hours go???

My teaching partner and I figured out we spend approximately 10 hours a week, in getting our state class together for the following week.


Who has that kind of time????  Where is / will it coming from?

I don’t know. . . but I suspect I need to do another week of time management to discover my time expenditures.


One comment on “Time management

  1. Sarah F says:

    I’ve been under time crunches around here, too. I’m glad to see you haven’t changed and are still an inspiration to those of us who are fighting the time war.

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