Comp time

I have been trying to keep my total personal time on the computer to a maximum of 1 hour.

The very first thing I do upon logging on is come here, so I can write a post.

And while this page is loading, I read my email. . .and then my blog buddie’s posts. . .

My bloggin’ buddies are prolific!

And, normally, I’m out of time to write anything of my own.

But, today I have a whole half hour left!  I can’t even imagine.

We’ve been very busy here at the homefront.  I feel like I’m always busy, but there are times when I’m VERY busy, and then there are times when I’m stressed.

This week is merely very busy.  And, all in all, it’s going fairly well.  In fact, I could get into a happy routine if this would keep up.

Jay has started working, and we are settling into somewhat of a routine with that.  He works an evening shift, which I actually have found I really like.  So has he.  He’s thinking, when he’s finally done with school that he’ll see about evening shifts full time.

His classes start back up with the new month.  At that point he’ll cut back to working only two days a week.  We figured it out.  At two days he’ll make enough money to cover our weekly grocery expenses!  😉  (For those of you who are new to this blog: hubby retired from the military, knowing he was going to school, so we saved up two years worth of money thinking we would have no extra income.  So, this current assistant nursing job is giving us a little extra cushion.  And if the cushion comes in the form of a weekly grocery budget I’m ecstatic!)

The boys have started their play rehearsals.  Mikhail’s part is towards the end, so for the most part he’s just there learning group songs at this point.  Garrett has a part in the first scene, so he’s been working on that.  He’s the one child they have not had to fuss at for keeping his speech slow, and they haven’t had to fuss at him for being loud enough either. . .  Tyler has been making prop lists and figuring out what to use where and when.  He has periods during rehearsal where he’s bored silly though, so he’s decided to start bringing his guitar in to practice there.

Tyler has also just started a life-guard course.  It goes till the first week of April.  It is being given at the college, so he’s been going around talking about taking a college course.  He’s a goof.  The good news is, he’s taking it very seriously.  He has taken a long time to recognize and admit he has a need to study, and we have spent the past year in teaching / learning how to do so.  He is seeing this course as his “proof” that he’ll be able to succeed in college  (assuming he passes it, of course).  It does a mother’s heart good to see this level of maturity start showing itself!

Last night, at the dinner table, Mikhail pops up and said, “Let’s play a game and see who can stay quiet the longest.”

This almost cause me to burst out laughing, not because that’s a near impossible task for my children, but because I recall, MANY years ago. . .

fuzzy fade-in

When Tyler was a young child still in public school we used to play a game called the “quiet game”.  (This would be when I was a volunteer and had to take kids from one class to another where we had to wait in the hallway, quietly, until the other classroom was empty and we could file in.)

So, I would announce the “quiet game”, and all you had to do was fold your arms and, well, you know, BE QUIET.  The person who spoke first would “lose”.

And, I am here to tell you, each and every time we played this game, little Tyler would fold his little arms and PROUDLY / LOUDLY ANNOUNCE that he was “totally going to win this game”!

It never failed!  I think the longest he ever went was 3 seconds, and that was because he had to get his hands out of his pockets to fold them across his chest.

And just so you know, last night Mikhail — who reminds me, in SO many ways, of Tyler at that age — was the first one to speak.


And, I have now just gone 3 minutes over my time. . .

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