Drew has decided not to have a graduation this year.

This is a “funny” decision for me, for the simple fact that it has taken him so long to make it.  I knew, ages ago, that he would never want a graduation ceremony. . .so, it’s funny to me that he actually gave it some thought and consideration.

How did I know he would never want a graduation ceremony?

Well, let’s just say he quit Cub Scouts when he discovered, to his intense horror, that you were brought up on stage to recieve your patches.

Tyler has already informed me that he is also planning to skip the whole graduation mess.

Thank goodness!  If it hasn’t yet ocurred to you, then consider the fact that should your homeschooled child graduate. . . guess who shares the stage with them?!


I suspect Garrett will want an official graduation, and Mikhail won’t.  I shall make let Jay handle Garrett’s graduation.  I already feel myself developing some sort of weird nasty flu thing for that day, 10 years hence.


I’ve got a nasty head-cold going on right now, so I can’t think of anything else to say.



One comment on “Graduation

  1. se7en says:

    Oh good grief you make me laugh!!! Sorry about your cold and i hope you feel better soon!!! I would develop something terribly contagious if I had to go “up” anywhere with any of my children… seriously near death contagious – definitely time to haul out those face paints and start making spots, boils, whatever… you will have time to prepare and I expect only the best performance from you!!!

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