Living with boys & misc.

I could do a whole series of these!  Of course, I don’t know how it differs from living with girls. . .but I’m taking a stab at it.

Yesterday, Garrett was playing with his keyboard, listening to the different sound effects.

He was a pile of giggles when he finally searches me out with his keyboard in hand.

“Mommy, listen to this!” he exclaimed excitedly.

pushes a button

“Doesn’t that sound just like a booger when it’s being flicked across the room???”

Another massive onset of giggles.

When he told Drew about it later, Drew — who also has his own keyboard — was upset because he does not believe he has the booger-flicking sound on his. . .

The maturity level in my house, ya’ll!  And, I’ve decided it was one of my more brilliant moves to paint the little guys’ room green.


So, I mentioned my cold yesterday.  We had to cancel a dinner we had planned which was a bummer.  Well, now Jay and Mikhail have the cold symptoms too.  Thankfully, it is just a cold.

Oh, has anyone else noticed how accurate the weather people are getting at their forcasting???

Yesterday, our weather was supposed to be in the 20s and cloudy, or so they told us on Friday.

We have 6-8 inches of snow.

But, what was interesting is that our weathermen change their forecast nearly every hour. . .so they are starting to get a bit more accurate — just an hour behind events.


Drew went driving yesterday with his Dad.  They had to do driving that qualifies as “adverse conditions”.  It was determined that yesterday qualified.  They saw at least 8 accidents on the roads.

Drew has to have a large number of hours behind the wheel before he goes for his practical driving exam.  Before he started we talked to other parents about these hours and all of them said, “Oh, it’s easy to get those hours in.”

That’s a bunch of hooey.  I’ve come to the conclusion that these people did not actually do the full hours.  I even asked and was told that no-one ever asked them for their log (which was good for them, as they hadn’t kept one).

It is NOT easy to get the full hours in.  You have to have x number of hours during certain traffic volume times, certain traffic conditions, and certain daylight hours.  It is freaking expensive to drive all those hours with absolutely NO purpose other than learning how to drive.

Of course, I know that when my kids are done with these hours, they will be capable of handling a great number of driving conditions, and I won’t be too concerned about them being negligent.

I am grateful that Jay has taken on the task of teaching Drew how to drive.  I know that they will fulfill the required number of hours, as a minimum, in each area.  And I’m ecstatic that it’s not me that is doing it, as I would go insane just driving around.


I am currently facing another, errr, “parenting challenge” with Drew.

He is nearing 18, and I am facing a challenge with him. . .

One of my friends once told me that I “expect my kids will always do right”, and I’m still stymied by that remark, as I know my kids will make mistakes, and I KNOW they aren’t angels.

But, in this particular instance I am highly disappointed that I have to go through this with my son, yet again.  The “again” part, and his age, are the two factors that have me currently in a tizzy.

This particular age seems to make it a more “delicate” process than when they were younger.  Isn’t that just funny / odd?

Normally, “solutions” come to me fairly quickly.  But, I’ve been dwelling on this one for over 24 hours now.  And, that is creating it’s own bit of tension. . .


You know, blogs are like Christmas letters.  “Complete” without reality thrown in, because we desperately don’t want people to think ill of us, or of our families.

And that, is something to ponder.

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