Can’t think of a title


I think I came up with a solution for the oldest child’s “crime”, regardless of what the actual cause was.

Some solutions are “contrary”. . . .”Contrary” to what we generally feel would be considered a punishment.  “Contrary” to the hurt / frustration / disappointment / feelings of revenge that ravage the parent.

This particular solution falls under that category.  We shall see how this solution pans out.


I’ve noted that in homeschooling there are periods of time.  “Epochs” in the homeschool family’s saga.  Some are longer than others. . .  I suppose this actually follows with the truth of marriages, and friendships, so this should not be difficult to grasp even if you were not one to homeschool.

Like a wave, with its crests and troughs. . .

I’m feeling like I’m finally coming up from one of the longest troughs ever!

I feel like for ~ 3 years (maybe 4), I’ve been stumbling with homeschool.  I mean, we did it, and for the most part I’m satisfied with the learning that ocurred.  But, it was a daily struggle!  It was a chore, akin to dusting.

And, what made it worse is that I had the memory of homeschooling before this period, when it was easier, and exciting to do.  So, during this period where I have been feeling entrenched in a deep rut, it was made harder with the knowledge that it could be so much better.

But, I’m feeling the “lift” now; the pressure building from under, rather than pushing down from above.

It’s a good feeling to have back!


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