A Question That Needs to Be Asked

Do you ever discover you are beating yourself up because a very basic question comes to mind and you are wondering why you haven’t addressed it before?  Yeah, well, I can top that, because I did think of this particular question before. . .I just think I came up with the wrong answer.

What is the purpose of school?

See, this question isn’t just for “schools” — it certainly applies to homeschoolers — but it’s one that I think we miss the boat on.

So, is the purpose of school to:

  • a.  Cram a whole bunch of facts, figures and formulas into a little person’s noggin


  • b.  Instruct the child on how to learn.

I am the product of the standardized test generation.  And, for the life of me, I believe when I first asked myself this question, I honestly answered “a”.

You need not worry, all my furniture is made of sturdy wood and will last long after my head has been pulverized to a bloody pulp.

You know what’s terribly interesting to me. . .

Answers can come easily, but solutions; solutions are the real test of knowledge.


One comment on “A Question That Needs to Be Asked

  1. se7en says:

    Oh you have a way with words that sends me reeling with laughter!!!… For all the facts that I was crammed with I kind of think school should be about “keeping the curiosity alive.” I can’t believe your snow. Our family has never even seen snow!!!

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