Snow — again. . .

I haven’t posted in a while as I was sick, and then my family was sick. . .

It was just a minor cold, but my brain gets fuzzy when I’m sick, so I thought I’d spare you all.

And, after the illness we got hit with a snow storm.

It started out innocently enough:

an evening of nice, packable snow.

But, it didn’t stop throughout the night, causing us to wake up to this:

So, we have spent the last two days digging out.

We have a number of elderly neighbors as well, so we spent a great deal of time helping dig them out too.

Which, leads me to tell you, that I am now massively sore!

Snow plows made it to my street last night, but a good number of my neighbors still can’t move their vehicles (as the plows JUST hit our street, then turned tail and ran).  Today, will be another day of digging. . .

And they are calling for more snow to arrive in a couple of days time.

(For my “record”:  This snow fall was over 2 feet in 24 hours.)

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