Creating Lessons

I may have mentioned, just a few times, how I am co-teaching a homeschool co-op class of our state.

The result of this, is that I’m going to know more about our state than I ever cared to. . .and I’m also going to realize that it’s still JUST the tip of the iceberg.

Now, over 1/2 way through this course, I’m realizing we should have kept better notes, and writing things down as we go.

I’m quick like that.

The reasons I’m realizing that particular fact are:

  • It helps me keep track of what the kids have been taught 
  • Prevents me from re-teaching something
  • Gives me something to show the reviewer
  • It would be “sellable”.

More importantly, it would make a beautiful book on my shelf.

But, I’ve been working on this next lesson for a couple of weeks now.  (I’m grateful our last co-op class was cancelled due to snow.)  I’ve finally ironed it down to what I want to speak about.

Now, that is funny.  It’s funny, because I have an outline right in front of me telling me what the next topic will be, and even the subtopics that I wish to cover are listed.  And, I JUST decided what I want to talk about.

And that’s my whole point!  For every hour I teach (or the other teacher teaches) we easily spend 10 hours coming up with the lesson.  Sometimes even more.

We have 3-5 texts that we cull from, and a bazillion websites.  We know the basic topics we wish to cover. . .

Let me give you an example.

This next topic is Native Americans in Our State.  Easy enough, right?  And my subtopics listed are “lifestyle”, “language”, “local tribes”. 

We had just started this topic last class, and we discussed canoes (one of the two modes of transportation of NAs in this area).

So, it makes sense that I should complete the transportation section (falls under lifestyle) before I move on to another bit.  And, I could do that simply by telling the kids what the second mode of transport was. . .

Or, I could point out the sheer magnitude of waterways that our state has to offer. . .

Think about this for just one second. . .  Waterways = transport. . .

AND food. . .greater plant and animals life.

And then, it gets complicated.

I have spent at least 7 hours looking up state water facts.  And that seems like it should be rather easy.  Shoot, if I lived in Oregon (or Georgia), it would be.  I know that, because they kept popping up in all my search strings.  Even though my search strings nearly always included our state name! 

Then, there’s the search for verification, or corroboration.

For the record, I’m sick and tired of going to official sites that lay claim to something, yet provide NO DATA to back up that claim.

 I really should keep a log of all the sites I visit.  I mean, I have a log of all the official sites and semi-official sites, but surprisingly a great deal of my information, especially recently, has come from fishing sites, or watercraft sport sites.

So, what was the point of this post?

Maybe it was to make a point regarding time spent to create classes for your homeschool co-ops.  Maybe it’s a call-out to all state sites to get their acts together. 

Maybe it was simply a gripe.

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