Happy Moments

There are moments in a homeschooling mom’s life that are so few, so rare, they need to be celebrated.

Drew (my 17 year old) and I were watching a movie the other day.  It was about inner city highschool kids.  Anyway, it came about that one of the kids really did not know how to read.  He had the reading ability of a 1st or 2nd grader.

Our internet cut out then (we were watching it online), and I can say that overall the movie hadn’t grabbed us by that point so we chose not to complete it.  So don’t ask me what became of that kid.

Drew popped up and mentioned how horrible that would be  — not being able to read.

I asked him why he felt so, and he gave the standard answer of, “Well, because then you can’t. . .you know. . .read.”

So, I asked him why that mattered.

And he left the room.

😉  You have to know Drew, as when he truly goes into “thought” mode he has to be away from people.  Thus, him leaving the room is considered a good thing.

I didn’t hear back from him until the next day, and he’s the one that brought it up.

“Mom, if you weren’t able to read, then you wouldn’t be able to escape to wonderful, fantastic places.  You wouldn’t be able to “travel” from the comfort of your home.  You wouldn’t learn about other people, or different periods of time, or explorations.  You couldn’t learn anything by yourself.”

“You would be unable to make good decisions, as you wouldn’t have the ability to read opposing sides, and are thus subjugated to the verbal propoganda of others.  Connections couldn’t be made among the whys of many things, if you are incapable of reading the parts.”

Honestly, he went on a bit more, but I was so giddy at this point, I kind of didn’t pay attention like I should have.  Suffice it to say that he was exceeding my hopes for this discussion.


Then, there was more!

“Mom, I’m so grateful that you and Dad care that we learn to read.  I appreciate, so much, the time you spent helping us learn to read, and all the time and energy you still spend doing so.”


This time of year, for many homeschoolers, is very hard.  Most of us hit a “slump”.  This conversation occurred just two days ago and has completely inspired me to work harder.  My hope is that this inspiration can be shared.


2 comments on “Happy Moments

  1. Linda says:

    Thank you! As I struggle to help my younger one read this encourages me.


  2. Lisa says:

    This is really cool. I love young adults. Puts things in perspective, eh?

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