Everything that was finally peeking through with color is now, again, covered in white.

Bummer.  As I type this, I’m watching a neighbor clear his car; it’s looking dry and powdery.

This (following topic) came up in conversation the other day.

I was being teased for not sending my kids with a friend roller skating in an afternoon.  (There were two reasons why I didn’t: the first being school, and the second being that we are going ice skating in just a few days time.)

And that started me thinking.

When Drew and Tyler were little and doing school, we always did it in the morning, leaving our afternoons free.  That worked well, for quite a long time.  We had a daily “layout” too.  We started with math every day and ended with reading right after lunch (with the other subjects scheduled between).

Well, until Garrett and Mikhail came along.  And then, things just happened when they could.  Somewhere along the line since then, things started happening more “regular”– but there was never rhyme or reason to any of it that I could tell.

It has been highly distracting, as I love order.

Well, order is FINALLY starting to come back!  Except. . .it’s backwards.

I’m noticing more and more that mornings are being devoted to house or errands, and afternoons are the big school push.

It’s interesting, because I’ve been feeling like I’ve been living chaotically for so long, and now an “order” of sorts is emerging.  But, it’s backwards from what I knew, and I seem to be the only one fighting it.

Because, why????  Because it doesn’t “meet” a memory?



One comment on “Flip-Flop

  1. se7en says:

    One of the biggest perks of homeschooling is we can be flexible… Then when we are we beat ourselves over the head. It is so reassuring to know that one never takes schooling for granted… it never just happens and I should stop hoping for it!!!

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