We STILL have snow on the ground!  Thankfully, the remaining patches are shrinking bit by bit daily.  Honestly, I’m completely happy to see it all melt away.  I think I experienced a similar feeling with the “wicked witch of the west”.

Ooooh, and we have SUNSHINE!  Which is a most welcome sight to see.  It feels like it’s been months of cloudy / dreary days.

I saw little purple flowers yesterday!  (in someone else’s yard)  They were not crocuses, but they were an altogether welcome sight to see!

Which reminds me (don’t ask me how), that I need to remember to upload pictures to my online photo service.  I’m generally pretty good about doing that, as I’m terrified of losing all our photos, but I don’t think I’ve done it in 2 months.

Today, it’s warm enough that Drew rode his bike into school.  I’m totally doing the happy dance.

Garrett has developed an infection that required  a doctor’s visit and antibiotics.  I have to set up another vist for him for tomorrow so they can check progress.

Drew and I had a CPR class this past weekend.  GEEZ, CPR has changed since I had classes way back when!  There’s even a high likelihood that I would remember how to do this.

The little guys are already starting to talk about our garden this year.  That’s so nice to see / hear.

I feel like I’m so completely sabotaging myself in many areas.  It’s like I get down to the last bit, and I just can’t find it within myself to FINISH.  That needs to stop.  I’m going to work on that today.

That, and one concerted train of thought.  My daily thoughts have been running as rampant as my posts have been of late.

Maybe I’m developing ADD?

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