Outta be

I am supposed to be working on my state lesson plan.

I really, really, should be, because I give it in co-op TODAY at 1500.  And co-op starts at 1200.


It would probably help, a lot, if I could get my head focused and decide on what today’s lesson will be.

I run into so many issues with these lessons, because I wind up going to SO many sources, and then I have so much great information, and I have to whittle it down to maybe 3 things.  Then there is the “making it accessible”.  That’s the bugger.  3/4 of my class is K-3rd grade, the other quarter is 4th-6th.

I spent yesterday being social, which wipes me out so severly that I generally need a day to recover.  I know that, so I really should have had my lesson plans done on Monday.

Except on Monday, I was doing work for the play that needed to be done by Tuesday. . .

I’m taking the rest of the week off!

Sadly, for now, I need to figure out today’s lesson.


One comment on “Outta be

  1. se7en says:

    Advice from the spinning mother on the far side of the world – you know ten times more than anyone else there – so wing it!!! Whatever you tell them is more than they know and so you are overachieving… I would rather do what you are doing… it’s wednesday and I have to have my house immaculate and perfect for dinner for MIL and everything must be PERFECT and I don’t even know what we are eating and three days back at school there isn’t a flat surface to cook on and I haven’t actually been in the bathroom let alone cleaned it – and now I need to sit and nurse so nothing’s going to happen anyway – except maybe a bit more tarnish on my name!!!

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