There is actually one “compliment” that I receive on a fairly regular basis.  And it’s the sort that continually makes me feel bad. . .


At least weekly, I hear from someone how amazingly “patient” I am.


They didn’t live with my mother!  (and before my Mom picks up the phone to call me about that remark. . . )

My mom always told me that “patience was a virtue” — like, daily.

And for that reason, I believe I have a much different definition of patience than most others.

See, there’s “tolerance” — and that’s simply putting up with all the crap that everyone else throws your way.

And then, there’s “patience” — and that’s TOLERANCE with a whole heck of a lot of grace thrown in.

See the difference?  It is subtle, but in my mind it’s very clear.

And, in my mind I have a very high tolerance level, but patience. . .I still have a very long way to go on that one.

So, every time I receive the compliment of patience, I’m reminded of two things:

People really need to learn their definitions (in a dictionary according to Christine) and,

I’m still not there yet.

Once I get there though, I’m going to figure out what the other virtues are, and start working on one of those!


One comment on “Compliment?

  1. Laura says:

    Very well said!

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