Garrett swallowed a tooth yesterday.  It was loose and giving him grief, but he said he wasn’t able to pull it out.  Then, after strawberry shortcake he suddenly announced his tooth was missing!

Did you catch that?  Strawberry shortcake — yummm!  It means spring has finally come!  It’s a weird one.  My crocuses are still sleeping (or dead), as far as I can tell; the daffodils were up within just a couple of days, and are heavily bowed with old, open blooms already.

Our new cherry trees went into bloom within a speedy 3 day period. . .green is starting to appear on the hedge and the lilacs.

It’s as if the plants are rushing to catch up with the season.

The funny thing is, I’m feeling rushed.  It’s as if the plants are rushing me along, reminding me that time does not stand still.  (Like I need that reminder!  Shoot, simply being a mother reminds you of that!)

The boys are chomping on the bit to start this year’s garden.


I need to start my day.

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