I am bursting at the seams I tell ya!

So, I mentioned that Tyler had his first part of the lifeguard exams yesterday.  Well, the instructor told the class that he would call them individually if they did NOT manage to pass.

The problem is, Tyler stresses in lieu of knowledge.  (Face it, that’s a number one stressor, I know because it’s a military fact of life.)  I was feeling pretty bad for him, as his next class is in TWO weeks (spring break).

Well, I thought I was feeling bad for him, until I picked up the phone today and it was the lifeguard instructor. . .Then, I really felt bad.

Tyler told me he had seen the caller id before I picked up the phone and was planning to make a hasty escape and walk the dog, but decided he needed to get it over with.

Next thing I know, I hear the excited voice of my 15 year old son saying, “Oh, that is SO AWESOME!!  Thanks so much for calling!”  Which caused me to nearly kill myself running down the stairs to see what was up.

And my “little” boy (6’2″), picked me up and gave me a huge hug.

“Mamma, I got an A!”

“I got an A, and I was the second highest grade in the class!”

And my test anxious child received an even bigger gift, for he learned today that he CAN do it.  That tests can be overcome.  Because, he was using this class as a “measure” of sorts as to how he would do in college.

My child has been flying high ever since that phone call,

and I’ve been bursting with pride.

3 comments on “Bursting!

  1. Laura says:

    That is wonderful!!! How courageous of him to stay and take the call. And how wonderful to get such encouraging news!

  2. Lizzie in Ma says:

    How wonderful, good for him!!

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