Pack Rats

My house is over-run with pack rats!

This is an issue that becomes abundantly clear whenever we have company coming (such as my mother-in-law, who is due to arrive today).

Normally, I’m pretty good about keeping track of this, and taking care of it fairly quickly.  But, the little guys moved up to the 3rd floor in the past year.  And what I don’t see. . .

The major problem with pack rats is that they place a “sentimentality” onto each and every stupid object.

The broken arrows?  “Oh man, that was so epic when they broke hitting that piece of furniture.”  Gotta keep ’em.

The box the nerf gun came in?  Gotta keep it, because it could be used for target practice.  (And, here I thought all this time, that’s what they were using their brothers for.)

The box that a FRIEND’S toy came in, we have to keep so that we can remember how happy they were when they received it.  (Mind you that this toy was not even given by one of my children.)

Half-colored coloring pages that are ages old are kept, for the obvious reason, to be completed.

Broken toys are kept in the hopes that a SUPER super-glue is discovered in the next eon.

And, on it goes.

Now, when my older two were younger, we lived in much smaller homes, so I would rotate toys.  I would box some toys and put them away, and leave some out, then rotate the choices every couple of months.

That was terribly brilliant on my part. . .

Because, my children get their pack rat-ism from my husband.

And he was perfectly okay with me rotating toys.  The fact that I went through and tossed out all the junk on rotation days (always when he was at work) didn’t phase him a bit because he didn’t KNOW.

But, now he’s home more often than not, and he keeps saying, “Honey, what will it hurt. . .”


We are reaching fire hazard levels!  So, things are going to randomly start disappearing around here, when Jay is at school or work and little people are asleep or otherwise distracted.

Oh, and by the way, if you are a pack rat, married to a non-pack rat, saying “Well, I keep you around too, don’t I.” is NOT a compliment.

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2 comments on “Pack Rats

  1. Mom says:

    You always make me smile!

  2. se7en says:

    Seriously not a compliment!!! I am so with you on this. I often feel like I toss and toss and then toss some more just to make room for a certain pack rat to accumulate more!!! Actually I declutter so madly because I love being able to find everything, but there are days when I forget that!!!

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