Taking a break

My darling husband was commenting before his mother’s arrival yesterday that he is so looking forward to this time off from everything while she is visiting.  Then he looked at me and asked, “Are you looking forward to time off?”

“Oh, yes, honey.  I’m looking forward to this “time off”.  I’ll be working on the final edit of the play script, prop creation for the play, the last two lesson plans for co-op class, grading papers, possibly work on that room that’s in the midst of a remodel.  I also need to get the garden started.  Oh, but of course, I will be a gracious hostess and spend a great deal of time with our guest doing fun stuff, and preparing for Easter.  Yep, this “break” will be great!”

Jay has perfected his scowl, by the way.

I look at this and wonder if I’m a workaholic, but I do not believe so.  I just have deadlines that have to be met, and projects I seriously want to complete.

Speaking with Jay’s mom yesterday was fun.  We talked about all sorts, but she kept saying how much she was missing her dog.  (Our dog is perfectly happy to step in as a substitute.)  So, I asked her about her cat.

“Oh, Christine, thanks for asking.”  There was an odd look in her eye. . .  “He’s doing quite well.”  A grin spread across her face.  “I planted irises over his grave last year, and he is quite content with those.”

I had forgotten they had to put their cat down due to cancer two years ago!

She cracks me up!

Our weather is supposed to be grand the next week, so I’m sure we will have a fantastic visit.

One comment on “Taking a break

  1. se7en says:

    Glad you are enjoying your break!!! We did eighteen errands yesterday… 3 errands, breakfast, 7 errands, lunch… etc. left home at 8 and got home at five – never touched school… then made dinner for my mother in law (it’s wednesday and that’s what happens on Wednesday – every Wednesday wether you have just run 18 errands or given birth or whatever – whole ‘nother story!!!). Sat down to dinner with a miserable baby and overtired toddlers… “How was your day-off from school?” from the father person… strange choking gasping sound in place of a rant from the mother person. good night.

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