Not so bad


So the tech support phone call only lasted 30 minutes.  When I explained the problem, the lovely lady on the other end of the line said she could tell I knew what I was doing and we could skip the whole “idiot” list.

It felt good upon hearing that.  Not because I wouldn’t have to go through the list, but because it implied I wasn’t an idiot.  And that’s nice to hear occasionally.

So, our main computer is back on-line and faster than ever.  We are down to only one internet connected computer right now, but I’m working on the fix for the laptop.

The day started out on a positive note for everyone else too.  Jay is building some benches and grabbed the little one’s to help.

They were quite content to help, and enjoyed themselves immensely. . .That is until Jay hit a bit of a snag.  Thus, ended the fun for the little men.

So, they started pestering an older brother to take them to a parking lot to scooter.  They had just bought new scooters yesterday so it’s top of their list.  And the older brother, being a good guy, agreed.

They actually returned in only 15 minutes.

Garrett was the leader.  “Mom?  Dad?  Mikhail fell.  He’s bleeding and needs help.”

Then Mikhail and Tyler come around the corner.  Tyler carrying Mikhail and Mikhail’s scooter.  And Tyler says, “Mom, it’s fine.  It truly looks worse than it really is.”

Which means it’s a head wound.  You know that, right?  Head wounds ALWAYS look worse than they are.

This was taken after clean-up.

I have to tell ya.  My mother-in-law is a retired nurse (LPN), my hubby a RN – in training, and Tyler a lifeguard – in training.

Which meant, I was trying to take care of MY BABY with all these additional “helpers” around.  I wanted to scream, “Get the heck out-of-the-way and let me do my job!”  I managed to hold my tongue however and let them ogle my son, and make all sorts of sympathy noises, and diagnosis for a while before I asked them if they would mind if I bandage him up.  Then, they all dispersed except for Tyler who, I think, wanted to stick around to ensure his little brother was okay.


But, at least my internet is working now so I can share this with you all.  (That was of major import to Mikhail, who requested I put it on my blog.  Silly man!)

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One comment on “Not so bad

  1. se7en says:

    Wow – when you post pics you make sure they are dramatic ones!!! That just looks awful – I would probably kill anyone between me and mending a child of mine that looked like that!!! He looks pretty pleased with himself though!!! Have a fun weekend – enjoy that break!!!!!

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