Tech support, help!

I have mentioned before that whenever anything goes wrong with the computer, tech support is immediately called.

“Tech support” is normally, well, ME.

Well, our main computer has been giving us grief while conecting to the internet.  And yesterday it just decided it was DONE.

Now, I know exactly what the problem is (network card).  I know exactly what happened to it (hubby broke it when he was messing around under the desk — that’s another story).  And I know exactly how to fix it (buy a new one).

Well, I went out to buy a new one and discovered that ours is VERY old.  (Like 6 months. . .ha, ha, that’s a joke!. . . about 2 years.)  I could buy a new card and be done with it, or I could upgrade. . .so now comes the part of decisions.

I still need to consider whether to just buy an older part or upgrade, but we simply can not do one computer connected to the interent.  I mean I have 4 people that work on it daily. . .

So, instead of connecting via wireless card I thought I would try to connect via lan. . . Oh, the problems!  I can not even tell you!  Thus, this day will be spent on the phone with people that are going to ask me if my computer is plugged in and turned on, and a whole list of other “idiot questions”. . .

I’m just hoping the idiot on the other end of the line can get beyond those questions and honestly answer me.

Trying to find the silver lining to all this. . .I was able to teach Drew how to take apart the computer, identify all it’s inner structures and so on and so forth. . .

Drew is now griping that I made him take this computer class at college, when I “obviously know more than the teacher”.


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