Review of March 2010

I have a blogger buddy who does these lovely weekly reviews.  Honestly, I don’t have a clue how she finds the time.

Anyway,  I’ve been moaning my inability to follow suit, but finally struck on the idea that I could do a monthly review.  Surely, I could at least do that, right?  Well, we’ll see.

So, March started out with snow remaining from our February storms.

Thus, it made sense to go ice skating.

The boys went snowboarding, and only thought to take videos and this one picture of a slope.

They went with friends though.

We hung out with friends.

We went to tour a farm

with friends

and saw new babes

TRIPLETS!  (that poor little mommy goat!)

We went to a one-room school house.

and aside from the furnishings, can totally relate.

We organized our school (with a magnetic subject list).

We’ve been enjoying our co-op studies.

and believe it or not, this “rapt attention” is being given to me who’s teaching this particular class.

We spent some time out of doors

with friends

on a good trek.

Did something the parents would never willingly shell out money for

because of the great and wonderful Grandma Shyla.  Who discovered she LOVES Chic-Fil-A milkshakes!

And the month ended with a trip to the local lumber store, as it’s the beginning of a new “season”.

Life is good.


One comment on “Review of March 2010

  1. se7en says:

    So off I go,click on the link, to see who does these great weekly reviews!!! Hahaha – thank you!!! I can not believe how many outings you have squeezed into a month – wowzers!!! Great to see all the photo’s of you guys!!! Have a great weekend!!!

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