Not the best way to handle things.

We’ve been having computer / internet problems of late.  (I’m sure I mentioned it.)  As of now we have the computer connected to the internet, but the laptop is offline.

Well, we have the computer connected to the interent with this long cord that wraps through 3 rooms.  Which is not only ugly, it’s really not safe.

So, Jay said he would drill me some holes yesterday to give the cord a more direct route.  Upon hearing this, I ran upstairs to start figuring out a direct route and “protecting” things.

For, you see, my hubby is banned from A/V electronics.  (I’m perfectly happy to allow him to put in electrical outlets or light switches, but if it comes with a screen, or deals with a screen, or has a high price tag, then he’s not allowed around it.)

The thing was he was getting to the holes late, so he finished them right before dinner, and then we were off to a party.

After the party, I was asked to go for a walk, which I jumped on, and Jay took the boys home.

And upon returning home myself. . .well, I didn’t handle things well.

Because Jay had thought he would be nice and “help me out”.

I should probably mention that Jay was banned from electronics for his amazing ability to destroy them.  I mean, he BLEW UP a brand new DVD player.  He has broken parts on computers. . .In fact, he’s the reason we are in this current computer mess.

Thankfully, I arrived home when I did!  I was able to jimmy a fix within 1/2 hour so the boys could do school work on the internet.

However, today will be spent getting the complete fix done.


Oh, but I wanted to warn those of you that may have similar problems with spouses that saying,

“But, honestly!  What on earth were you thinking?!” 

during an apology. . . .Not such a good idea.

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