I am so sore today, it’s not even funny!

Yesterday was spent out-of-doors, tilling and prepping the garden for planting.  We had a couple of “volunteers” from last year, all of them onions, so we replanted them into a single box along with potatoes.  (That may not be the best pairing. . .I’ll have to look that up.)

But the main push of all of this was STRAWBERRIES.

We are planting strawberries this year. . .again.  Because last year the stupid rabbits ate every last bloomin’ plant!  And, by “bloomin'”, I mean “blooming“.  They had no interest in the plants till the flowers arrived.

Last year we used a soft-ish mesh to cover the plants.  It did just fine keeping the bunnies “out”. . .the problem was they figured out how to push the mesh around with their paws, and put their mouths through the holes to eat the plants.  Stinkers!

So, this year it’s a hard-wire (teeny-opening) fence for us!

Because,  I like to believe I can outwit a rabbit.  (Just let me live in my fantasy world, will ya?)

There are now 60+ strawberry plants in the ground.  A neighbor was blessed with another 15 plants.

I have yet to put the fence up, as we didn’t finish planting ’till right before a dinner we were having with friends.  Today, it won’t happen either, as I’m out for the entire day at a curriculum fair.

Which will be thoroughly interesting to see how my muscles will revolt today after yesterday’s exertions and the demand I’ll be placing on them to carry books.

I’m going to this fair with my young friend, “Lit’l Bit”.  (Remember, my cake decorating buddy?)  For some reason, she absolutely LOVES shopping, and she is always disappointed that she can’t go to the BIG curriculum fair with her mom. 

Now, the BIG curriculum fair is a “mommy’s weekend out”.  It’s like the homeschool mom’s dream.  A bunch of close homeschool buddies all go together for 2 days.  Two full days of shopping, with an overnight of dining, and comparing notes, oohing and ahhing over each other’s finds, etc.  WITHOUT KIDS.

I’ve gone on this excursion once before and the night-time activities (dinner and discussions) are AWESOME and INSPIRING.  Yet, my shopping takes me all of 2 hours, and then I’m done / fried.

So, this year I volunteered to take Lit’l Bit to the smaller fair with me.  It means I’ll miss out on the big weekend deal, but this will be just as fun / productive for me, and we are making a “girl’s day” of it.  (Something that is a bit of a rarity in this house!  😉  )Plus, I’m now on the super-cool list in Lit’l Bit’s eyes for taking her to the curriculum fair.

Thus, I’m going to go stretch my poor, aching muscles before today’s activities and get my show on the road.


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