Weekly Drama

I was awakened this a.m. at 0608 due to a phone call.

Given that I hadn’t gone to bed till after midnight, it took me two rings to answer it, and my voice had to be thick with sleep.

“Oh, my gosh!  I’m so sorry!  I was trying to reach Jay.  Oh!  I. AM. SO. SORRY!  Is this his wife???”

To which I informed the female voice on the other end of the line that I was indeed his wife and didn’t know if he was still home, but I could get him for her if he was.

Which sent her into another fit of,

“No!  I am so sorry!  I was trying to call his cell phone, not his home phone.  Oh, I am so truly sorry!”

And there was more. . .

I kept telling the poor frightened creature on the other end of the line that it was fine, but she was so busy spewing out apologies, I’m not sure she ever heard me.

I often wonder what my husband tells his classmates about me.  (Given that he’s in nursing school, most of his “peers” are now female.  Currently, he has clinicals on Fridays and he carpools with 3 of them.)

By 0630 the rest of my family is awake.  Because we wake early in this house.  So waking at 0608. . .not a big deal.

This whole week has been filled with “drama” though.

On Monday, I had to deal with a person older than I throwing a 2-year-old-I-want-my-way temper-tantrum.  I wanted to send them to the corner.

On Tuesday, I had to deal with a young lady suffering from the “arrogance of youth”.  (She was going on about how great she was now that she almost has her college degree.)  Apparently, she has made at least two assumptions about me: 

  1. I don’t have a college degree.  (I do) AND
  2. I’m impressed by a piece of paper.  (I’m not.)

I was taught a phrase about the word “ass-u-me”.

On Wednesday, I had to deal with “drama”.  Specifically, I mean “drama” as we had play practice on Wednesday.  But it has its own kind of drama in the background as you have all these “coaches” on the sidelines.  (Not saying that’s good, bad, or indifferent. . .but it is very chaotic.)

Thursday, I had to deal with my own issues, as I’m fighting a serious sinus infection. . .and yesterday it looked to be winning.

And, today my day begins with apologies.

Maybe my week should have started that way.

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