My internet / computer time is being eaten into like you would not believe.  Both Jay and Drew are working on research papers that they need to get done, and both of them are using the internet for the majority of their sources.

There are like a ka-zillion internet pages all stacked at the bottom of my screen; ranging from anger management, to prices of homes, and then some school pages.

Yesterday, school took me till 7 pm to finish!  I hate those kind of days.  I like my days to be done by two.  It was especially bad as it was the little ones who were still doing their schoolwork. . .and their bedtime is at 7.  I let them stay up later though so they could read some Junie B. with Dad.

I’m not so keen on Junie B.  Even though I can totally understand why the kids like it.

The vultures are already circling the computer. . .


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