One of the hardest things for me homeschooling in this state, are the rules.

I suppose I should be grateful, as they are quite vague. . .Yet, their vagueness causes some grief.

For example: 

“Provide regular, thorough instruction in the studies usually taught in the public schools to children of the same age; include instruction in English, mathematics, science, social studies, art, music, health, and physical education; and take place on a regular basis during the school year and be of sufficient duration to implement the instruction program.”


Seems simple enough, doesn’t it?

Yes, except there is also this little thing called “review”.  Where the homeschooler is reviewed by either an umbrella or the education department.

And that is when the havoc begins.

Because, exactly, what is “regular and thorough instruction”?  I mean, that seems all lovely and everything, but how much art (science / health / social studies, music and PE) instruction does a child in public school get?  I honestly don’t know, so how on earth am I supposed to at least equal that?

And here comes the problem: because the reviewer has their opinion, and you have yours.  I had one reviewer that docked me for not doing a foreign language for my 7th grader.  That’s not even on the list!  I had to go through this whole rigmarole explaining to said reviewer that I was not going to do a foreign language with this child until he hit high school, and the reviewer kept arguing with me about how he’s supposed to have it in 6th grade.

Except, that’s not exactly true.  Because in my public school district, some schools teach foreign language starting in 6th grade and some don’t!


Which has put me back into panic mode, as my review is fast approaching.

And things like PE, give me fits! 

No, my dearest reviewer, my children are not in organized sports.  My children are too busy running and playing and exercising to care about playing on a team. 

I’m so sorry, dearest reviewer, that my education logs say things like “tag”, “volleyball”, “swimming”, “running pell-mell”, “shooting hoops”, etc. 

I do truly apologize that you, dearest reviewer, will not see a text related to PE in my books.  I do not have any written assignments to show or test scores to give in this subject either.

Such is life, get over it.

I can tell you though, that today we took a 5 mile hike, followed by a bit of a swim / wade period.  That was followed by a period of rest — as rest is a very important part of any exercise regime.  (Sadly, the period of rest did not apply to my older boys as they had to mow the lawn before they took off to play volleyball with some friends.)  The day was capped off by an over hour-long game of tag.

Now, granted, this was an odd-day out.  We don’t normally have time for such activities on a regular day. . .But, my school includes PE every day.

Does yours?


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