Bits and pieces

For the record, I’m 40 years old, producer of 4 offspring, and can STILL do a cartwheel.

I just wanted to say that, as I had assumed that anyone who could once do a cartwheel could, essentially, still do a cartwheel at my age.  Apparently, I was wrong.

So, the next homeschool form that I have to fill out that says (rather: “reads”) as “What is so special about you. . .”  I’m going to write that in.

PS I haven’t filled out a form that says that, but I have filled out a number that ask “What do you have to offer?”, which I always read as “What makes you special?”.  And the way I read it, I never have an answer.


I mentioned working on the “blooper reel” for our play. 

Well, this required me to “empty” some tapes.  We haven’t taken video in so long. . .it’s a shame!

But, as the videos are downloading onto the computer I’ve been watching my kids from about 5-7 years ago.  My goodness!

I will have to go through these old videos as well. . .  Apparently, we thought it would be okay to give our older two the camera a few times.  Doing that just goes to show how quickly a child becomes interested in something else.  (Or proves ADD. . .)  It would also be great video to recreate feelings of motion sickness.

But, I now have ~10 hours of video that I need to go through for the blooper reel.  BLECH!  Why I volunteered for this, I will never know!


In my spare moments (when not doing play practice, school, cooking, video editing, etc.)  I’ve been working on cleaning / organizing my house again. 

Sometimes I feel like I’m making progress and sometimes I feel like I’m just shuffling items.

I was dusting, as I was going along, until I realized that it not only set my allergies into hyper-drive but, as we have all our windows open, is unnoticeable within hours.  Perfect reason to throw in the towel, or “dust-rag” as it were, if you ask me.

It’s 0715 and my kids are now all awake, so I had better go and get my day started.

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3 comments on “Bits and pieces

  1. se7en says:

    I can not believe you can do a cart wheel – I never ever could!!! And I won’t be trying anytime soon!!! Otherwise I stopped commenting due to guilt at not getting around to making snow – well we are finally snowing right now!!!! And will pop the picks in the WTW on the weekend!!! Lots of love from a guilt free se7en!!!

    • corefoundations says:

      And here I thought I had somehow offended you! You know I understand “busy”, right? Totally get why snow waits.

  2. Cartwheel. In my case that would qualify as a dangerous activity. 😀
    Happy Mother’s Day.

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