THREE MORE DAYS and then we are done!

So, I was going over the remaining week’s plans with Jay last night.

“Jay, on Friday, I want to order pizza in and eat by 5.  Okay?”

“Sure, honey.  Is that so we can make sure we start our movie early?”


“Yes, movie.  Who picked it this week?”

“Honey, we are talking about Friday.”

“Right, ooh, someone picked ‘Sherlock Holmes’, right?”

“Friday, THIS Friday, May 14th.”


Now, let me stop right there and comment to those of you with poor memories for important family events.

At the point when someone brings up a specific day, your ears should pick up.  If they spout the date off to you, you should be racking your brains like there is no tomorrow.  And, if nothing is coming to you, you NEED to employ the “honesty method”.

It goes something like this:

“Honey, I’m terribly sorry, but I just realized that my brain lost a vital piece of information regarding that date.  Could you please remind me?”

Rather than:


“Yes, it’s a good thing it’s not Friday the 13th, huh?  So are we watching the movie or what?  Cuz, you know I can’t watch it on Saturday as I’ll be at work.”

I’m just saying it might help keep your partner “intact”; rather than exploding.

But, then again, I’m thinking you’re still going to be in deep doo-doo for forgetting, regardless.

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One comment on “Dates

  1. se7en says:

    wahhahahaaahhhahahaha… splutter, laughing way our loud!!! Battling with pouring rain, laundry everywhere, snow EVERYWHERE!!!! and rain (did I say rain already… in our not so waterproof house) and Salvador Dali!!! – All in a days work!!!

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