Opening Night

I think I got about 100 SECONDS of sleep last night.

Actually, I’m thinking that’s a bit of an overstatement.

None of it is related to stage fright, as I have absolutely no business being on stage. 

But, I’ve decided that this drama business is a logistical nightmare! 

Sitting there going over what went wrong during dress rehearsal that can be fixed, learning to breathe through the things that just can’t. . .

A couple of props broke last night, so they need to be fixed / replaced.  At least one prop was “lost” (by a character who refuses to allow me to hold onto the props — which is my job).  That needs to be replaced.

I’m supposed to print off the programs needed for tonight and tomorrow.  Have the paper and the ink, created the program and have edited it. . .need the time.

Have to make some sort of snack / dessert for tonight’s performance.  Don’t have a clue what.  Most of the desserts in my repertoire are not suitable for easy snacking.  (Cookies, but those, of course, have already been taken by everyone else.)  This is actually causing me an inordinate amount of stress. . .Go figure!

Oh, and right now, this very instant, my BLIPPING COMPUTER is refusing to upload the video!  AGAIN!!!   I’ve only tried 3 times so far, and for some reason it starts fine, and then goes all wonky 1/2 way through the tape.  Oh, I think I know why. . .  Now comes the effort of trying to figure out how to fix it.

I tried to get photos of the cast last night for a visual “program” that will go with the blooper reel.  I haven’t had a chance to go through the photos, but I was feeling rushed last night taking them, so I don’t have the warm fuzzies about them right now.  Can’t look at them till I get this video uploaded.

Caffeine will be my friend today!

However, I refuse to get upset by anything today!  I mean, as of now

I did get the blooper reel done yesterday.  We took it in and showed the cast yesterday.  They absolutely loved it!  It was the greatest joy to hear the lot of them in there guffawing at their own mistakes.

Tyler was telling me it was too long (about 9 minutes) and I would normally agree, but . . . 

‘Fess up, who can resist watching their kids on tape being goofy?

I have informed my kids they are banned from “breaking a leg”.  You know they would totally take someone seriously if they were told to, right?  I can’t deal with that kind of trauma right now.

I’m wishing all of you a fantastic Friday!

Someone needs to have one. . .

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