Tonight is our Finale.

I’ll be glad it’s over!

I think, over-all it went well last night.  I mean, I really don’t know as I was in the back room all night, but people kept telling me they enjoyed it.

Drew told me that Jay was driving him nuts during the presentation with, “What did they say?”  They were sitting far back though, and Drew said most times Jay missed it because he was laughing at another part.

I got called out last night to take a bow.  That wasn’t supposed to happen, and I’m not at all happy about it.  I was told to expect it again tonight.  BLAH!

So, my “job” for this part of the whole play is “prop containment”.  I thought this would be a cinch job.  HA! 

One of our props is a football.  That darn ball was forever trying to run away from me.  Something about a ball and boys. . .  I think I could now play on a professional team, and none of those big guys would ever be able to wrestle it from my grip! 

And then there are all the other props that kids just picked up to look at. . .and wander off with them.  The whole time I’m back stage playing round-up with inanimate objects!  I truly can’t figure that.

I had the loveliest reputation at co-op as being one of the sweetest people.  That’s all blown to Hades now; and the kids all back away in fear.

But the play isn’t the only finale going on in my life right now.  As I have mentioned, I have my end-of-year homeschool review coming up (on Tuesday).  I haven’t even done a lick of paperwork in preparation for that.

Greater yet, I graduate my first child next week!

Did you catch that???!  Not only does that mean he survived being my child, but he survived being my student!

I haven’t even had a chance yet to let that one sink in.  It just kind of hit me as I was writing this post.

Wow. . .

Yep, I’ll put off thinking about that for a bit.

Here’s a truism for ya: 

“In life, every finale is just the marking of a new beginning.”

I’ll let that idea settle as I prepare for this particular finale.


2 comments on “Finale!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations all around, Christine! You are a super mom. I can’t imagine being responsible for my child’s education. Good job.

  2. MNGarden says:

    Congratulations! Job well done!
    A Donna

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