I’m procrastinating.

I don’t feel ready for this review, and my house certainly is NOT ready.  (Rainy day yesterday. . .)

I still have some paperwork that needs to be filled out.  I’ve got a rough draft done, but I need to finish it. . .

Today’s cleaning will be to grab all the piles of stuff downstairs and throw it in a room somewhere upstairs, and then run the vacuum.  (I’ll be out of the house the entire morning, so I really don’t have a choice in this.)


So, I resolve that next year, when it comes time for review, I’m just going to say, “Sure, come on over whenever. . .I’ll have it all ready for ya.”


Think about that one for a bit, and when you realize that this tactic would mean that I already have all the dreaded paperwork filled out, and that my house would be “company ready” at all times, etc.  Well, I think you would say, “mmm-hmmm”, too.

I’m going to fill out this paperwork right now if it kills me.

x x


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