Day 2 — May 23

Ooops, I messed up my dates! Have corrected it. (That’s the problem with vacations!)

A day at home. Time to unpack and repack. Also known as laundry day.

Jay and Tyler each received a “much-needed” haircut. Well, Tyler’s was much-needed; Jay just imagined his hair needed a cut.

The younger two boys did their bi-annual clothing inspection with Jay. That’s one of my least favorite chores so I was most pleased. They also went with Jay to run last-minute errands.

The older boys did lawn chores, and in the evening went to youth group. This particular youth group session was notable simply because no injuries were reported by our teens upon arriving home. (There is always a game played after the Bible study.)

Before bed I brought out a physical map of the US to show the little guys our route.

We are going to visit the Four Corners region of the US. The boys were mightily impressed at the different terrain we would be encountering.

We had discussed maps in-depth this past school year. You know, such things as title, scale, legend and compass rose.

Well, oddly enough this particular map did not have a compass rose on it. So, I was pointing out to the boys how we could tell which way was north without the use of the compass rose (the title is almost always north in such cases). Then, I asked them to point out the other cardinal directions to me.

Garrett happened to be looking at the map upside down, and immediately declared his right “east” (which would be west on the map). Mikhail, who was facing the map “correctly” said that east was on his right side. Then the expected argument ensued a to who was right and why.

Garrett (8-year-old) claims that I told them east was always right. Mikhail (7-year-old) said that I had told them that was only true if they were facing north.

I’m inclined to agree with Mikhail. 😉 But, Garrett will believe neither of us.

*sigh* At least I love maps and won’t mind revisiting the topic.

Drew and I spent a good deal of time working on the computer too. Jay and I had given Drew a drawing pad for his upcoming birthday. (You may recall that I have said that Drew is very talented with his drawing.) We had gifted him early knowing that we would be away on vacation during his actual birthday.

Anyway, Drew had installed the pad right before we left for our mini-trip on the main computer. However, it was refusing to work with the software that came with it so an email was sent to tech support. Their response was in our in-box upon our return.

Yet, regardless of what we tried we could not get it working. So in a last-ditch effort we tried it on the laptop.

Wouldn’t you know it? Darn thing worked just like it was supposed to. Upon our return we’ll have to try to get it working on the main computer again. (It has the speed that he will need to prevent himself from going nuts.)




Social Studies * map skills, Bible studies
The “Arts”
Life Skills * lawn care, clothing maintenance, packing (that’s a true skill!)
“Other” computer technology

+ Social Studies encompasses such things as history, geography, and religion (among other items).

PS My chart is freaking out. . .

And I do have minimal computer time whilst on vacation, so I’m attempting to get up what I can.


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