Day 3 — May 24

I should note here that this is written “journal” style.  Meaning, when I had a moment to write I wrote and some things were happening at that time, and others are past tense (just a little something to drive English professors mad).  I will try to mark the difference.

Jay despises when I pack “last-minute”.  I keep trying to explain the meaning of “minute” to the man, and that by ensuring I’m packed the night before does not constitute “last-minute packing”.  Of course, that man has enough clothes he can pack a couple of weeks in advance and not have to worry about digging through his suitcase to find more.

We were up by 0400 and out the door by 0537.  Seven minutes behind our scheduled departure time.  Jay always declares it is due to the size of our family that we are always running late.  Yet, it is we who are always waiting for him in the end.

The little guys don’t really remember their last plane ride so they enjoyed his experience with wide-eyed wonder.  The older boys, in contrast, have that bored-we-do-this-too-often look of business people.  You know, that or the typical look of teens.


I have discovered, to my great dismay, that I completely forgot to pack ALL of my gum.  ALL of it!  I had some in my purse, but not enough, so I took it out to replace it with a fresh pack. . .and apparently got side-tracked.  Jay keeps telling me we’ll be lucky if that’s all we’ve forgotten, but I’m still peeved. 

Our plane is currently starting its descent.  When we get to the airport we will be greeted by my parents and my grandmother (all of Med Cruise “fame”), as they will be joining us on this trip.  Then, there is the drive to my brother’s home.  I’m starting to feel tired. . .


 The drive to my brother’s house was full of desert shrub,

and helpful signs such as, “hill blocks view”.  There was never anything on the other side of the hill to be concerned about. . .

I did not suggest electronic games to be packed on this trip, therefore the kids forgot to bring them.  The first hour of our travel, by car, I was regretting that decision.  (Remember, we’d already been on the go since 0400.)  But, after that 1st hour things started to groove better and we had some great conversations.

We saw plenty of plateaus.  Now, I must say that growing up, “plateaus” were always explained to me as “table tops”.  Which always gave me the impression of a highly flat / smooth top surface.  From a distance this is true, I suppose, but there is actually quite a bit of surface “texture”.  A better way to describe it might be by using one of these:

Pinhead, Pin Art, the 3-Dimensional Pin Sculpture Toy for Executives


Imagine it from the side.

We saw a dead creature alongside the road which Jay was sure was a “havalina”.  Had to look that up when we arrived at my brother’s house.  My brother said they aren’t native to this region.  I had never heard of a javelina before.

We also drove over a dead snake which prompted Tyler to ask about a snake’s, er, “reproductive parts”.  After all snakes slither on their bellies. . .and I have all boys.

It is a concern, just trust me on this one.

The space is so open here, and the day we arrived was quite clear.  It made the few clouds we did see quite prominent.  This led to a discussion on the different types of clouds.  And while I’m happy to report that the older boys can identify a great many types of clouds, they can’t pronounce them worth beans.

A discussion of time zones came up.  That was really interesting from my view point as Drew took it upon himself to explain this to Garrett.  Drew was frustrated almost immediately with the lack of a sphere.  Resigning himself to the use of a cup he proceeded to explain time zones in detail to Garrett.  Garrett listened politely and when all was said and done promptly asked if Drew could simply reset his watch.

We crossed the continental divide.  The continental divide(s) of North America are an interest of mine just because people can’t seem to be able to decide which are actually “true” divides.

We finally made it to our destination of the day, my brother’s house. 

We enjoyed our reunion and met some new members that he’s added to his household.

Pictured above is Tara and Cornbread. 




Science * earth science, nature
“Social Studies”  *  time zones
The “Arts”    
Socialization * meeting new people
Life Skills    



One comment on “Day 3 — May 24

  1. se7en says:

    Four in the morning – you are stronger than I. I am a minimalist and always so proud to pack for the entire family in one bag – I have the idea that doing without will provide a bit of creative fun… the father person only noticed this “Apparant Fault” on honey moon when I packed NOTHING, just forgot!!! Needless to say the father person is not of the same thinking. And we had the same snake discussion this week and they concluded that maybe it was like a dolphin – retractable ya-know!!! I concluded I had no idea and we will have to look it up.

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