Day 4 — May 25

My oldest is now an “adult”!  He was a “birthday gift” for my father (meaning he was born on my Dad’s birthday), and now he is 18 years old!

Here’s the two birthday boys.

It is an amazing phenomenon that your children can age so quickly; yet, you remain ageless.  😉

We had a big breakfast and then rounded everyone up to head out.  The distances here are “unreal”.  It’s not the distances so much as the fact that there is NOTHING in the spaces.

One topic that came up in conversation many times was the idea of pioneers traveling this land.  Daddy and I quickly decided we would have turned back.  It takes a special someone to live out here.

We stopped at one of the rare places we found along the way for lunch and it had a small Navajo museum attached.

After lunch (and some ice cream) it was back in the car with the company of assorted family members and the landscape outside.

This led to rather long and complicated discussions of tectonic plates and their role in the formation of mountains, plateaus (mesas) and buttes.  It was one of those times that I wished I had one of those internet capable phones, for while some of us were quite clear on all of this others were doubting. . .

Yet, I didn’t have cell phone coverage out there anyway, so it probably wouldn’t have done any good.

We finally arrived at our destination thinking we were late.  Except we had traveled into Arizona and had forgotten that they do not observe daylight savings time.  Thus, starting another conversation on time zones.

Since we managed to be early we checked into the hotel and the boys took a quick dip in the pool.

The whole purpose of this particular leg of the trip was a tour of Antelope Canyon.  While we were setting up our guided tour we were given a demonstration of a  Navajo Hoop Dance.

You can only go in the canyon with a guide and ours was Bonnie.  She was very knowledgeable not only of the canyon, but of how  to get the best pictures too.  That made her fantastic in my book!

Anyway, the canyon is formed / maintained by a “wash”.  Meaning when sudden, heavy rains hit they flood the canyon and wash out.  It’s beautiful there.

We went to eat after the tour and then the boys went for another swim.




Science * earth science
“Social Studies” * native cultures, pioneers
The “Arts”    
PE * swimming / hiking
Socialization * spending time with family
Life Skills    

One comment on “Day 4 — May 25

  1. se7en says:

    Just love those swirling whirling rock formations – awesome!!!

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