Day 6 — May 27

 Today was mom’s birthday and we had a nice lazy start to the day.  We were still on the road by 0930.

Mom introduced the younger two to the game of 20 questions.  It quickly became evident that they were on two different playing fields when Mom asked one of the little ones, “Is it organic?”  The answer they gave was “no”.  And the solution to the “puzzle” was me.  😉

After 20 questions ended they decided to imagine what the clouds looked like.  Except, that was a short-lived game as there was only one cloud in the whole expanse of sky.

Apparently, there are coal mines in the area.  Okay, I admit to growing up in West Virginia, and while I was taught that other states mine coal, it was always made to sound insignificant.  What was impressive to see, though, were the power plants (using coal as their source) in the area.  I mean, where did the workers come from???  There would be this power plant out in the middle of NOWHERE, and I could not figure out the commuting distance of the employees. 

Now, I knew that we were on our way to the Painted Desert, but I did not realize that the Painted Desert and the Petrified National Forest were in one and the same location.  That was a happy surprise!  I remember going through the Petrified forest when I was a girl, but we did not take that trail this time as my brother said it would be too hard for some members of our group (as well as being the hottest part of the day).
Thus we only saw a few sample of petrified wood and then began our drive through the desert.

 Actually, we’d already been driving through desert. . .only this time it had a fancy name.

 My brother told us that this area would be more beautiful (full of color) early in the a.m. or late in the p.m.  I have to say though, I don’t find the desert beautiful at all.  I’m not a fan of desert regions, so the 5-10 minutes that we were there was more than enough for me.

 After this stop it was straight driving to my brother’s house, and as the day was getting later we heard from the back seat, “Maybe we could have pizza tonight?”

To which we responded that Oma (my mother), whose birthday it was, had requested Mexican.

“What?!  We are going to eat out again?  This is nuts!  We are eating so unhealthy on this trip.”  And this was hilarious as it came from the mouth of the same young man who had, just seconds before, requested pizza.

However, it paved the way for a conversation about nutrition and making healthy choices even when eating out.  And, even though the majority of restaurants seem to recognize only the potato as a vegetable going a week eating this way won’t kill you.

The kids have since started menu planning for our return.

The evening ended with good conversation and a game of spades.  Plus, the promise of a somewhat down day on the morrow.




Science * fossil fuels, power production, deserts, petrification process
“Social Studies”    
The “Arts”    
Socialization * playing games
Life Skills    
“Other”  *  health:  nutrition



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