Day 8 — May 29

 Mom was hit with some sort of GI tract deal.  That put a huge damper on things.  Not to mention, as mom rarely gets sick, it made us all wary as to what may be heading our way.

We spent another morning at home.  The guys finished up the repairs on the swamp cooler and Daddy worked more on the bathroom.  The older boys worked on another stump removal.

In the afternoon, we were headed one more time into Colorado to take a white water rafting ride (mild).  We did not take any cameras with us, so the only pictures we have of this adventure were the ones the rafting company provided us with (for a fee, of course).

It was approximately a 4 hour ride.  The first 2 hours were the best and then I think we were getting tired.  (We did enjoy the full ride — just saying the 1st 2 hours were the best.)

The rafting company recommended that we rent wet suits (with a money-back guarantee if you felt they weren’t worth it), so we went ahead and rented them.  I’m ever so grateful we did.  That water was FREEZING!  We were rafting in the mountain spring-melt run-off water which made the river run fast, high and FRIGID.

Did I mention it was cold?

There were a couple of times where the guides oars (those big yellow sticks you see him holding onto) would get caught in something under the water.  That was not good, as it would suddenly pitch him forward, with immense force, into those sitting in front of him (myself or Tara).  He said he’s never had such problems before, and he’s been doing this a number of years.

Oh, and one time the oars were completely stripped from his hands and we went off the “trail” and did our own little adventure ride.

Ah, the excitement.

We came home hoping that Mom was feeling better but she had retired so I never found out.

The family went to bed early.




“Social Studies”    
The “Arts”    
PE * rafting / working together
Socialization *  having fun, enjoying being around multiple age groups
Life Skills  *  lawn maintenance


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