Day 10 — May 31

 I woke up with a raging headache.  Never a good thing!  So, I immediately took my allergy meds (as a raging headache is normally my indicator that allergies are messing with me).

About 2 hours later, I took a dose of Tylenol.  It was all I could do to keep from crying my head was pounding so hard.  At this point, I had easily already downed at least 6 glasses of water (some headaches being caused by dehydration).

Two hours after that I was hitting the ibuprofen and desperately praying that would be the only thing I hit.  I have not been in that much pain in years.  (Mikhail’s birth comes to mind.)

And, while all this was going on, I was putting up with my boys watching a movie at levels way too loud, as well as doing laundry with a dryer that refused to actually dry anything.

I did get growly shortly before we left, and then I had everyone all over my case for getting “grumpy”.  HA!  I was so beyond grumpy, they didn’t have a clue!

This was to be our last day at my brother’s home.  Since our flight was leaving early the next morning, we were taking off today to get a hotel close to the airport (3 hours from his home).

It was decided to stop at a place called “Aztec Ruins“, and I managed to grit my teeth and bear it.

Do not let the name of the place confuse you.  There is nothing “Aztec” about it, except the name.  It is a Pueblo ruin, built many centuries ago.

Interesting doorways.  You can walk through the buildings, but you had better watch your head!  I hit my head on one of the posts. . .rattled my brains pretty good, and did NOTHING for the headache that would not leave!

Thankfully, this was a fairly quick stop.  It was the warmest day we had encountered thus far, but it was nice to get out and walk.  Also, as this was a smaller area the little guys were able to finish the Jr. Ranger booklets they received from the park, and earned badges for it.  (We have Jr. Ranger guides for all the parks we visited, but weren’t able to complete them due to time constraints.  They have WebRangers though, and I think the boys would enjoy that.)

My headache finally started diminishing around 5 pm, 11 hours after waking and after much medication to try to get it to stopAnd I managed to only be “grumpy” that once!  I amaze myself sometimes.

We stopped at Cracker Barrel to eat dinner.  And you can knock it all you like (as I know some are prone to do), but they have VEGGIES.  It was good.

Except Jay decided to buy me a gift (I’ll show a picture of this later), and Garrett decided to spend the rest of his souvenir money and buy a cap gun.

A cap gun!  You know one of those things that they won’t let you take on a plane in your carry ons.  And we didn’t have any checked luggage.  I honestly don’t know what Jay was thinking, as throughout the entire trip Garrett had been trying to buy cap-guns and we had continually nixed the idea for that reason.

Oh, but during the final pack-up I found a free souvenir that Mikhail had picked up.  He had found this at the stables and wanted to bring it home as a memoir of his getting on his very first horse.




“Social Studies”  *  Pueblo homes / culture
The “Arts”    
PE * hiking
Life Skills    



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