Day 11 — June 1st

There isn’t much to say about the 1st.  We woke up WAY EARLY in the a.m. to catch our flight (0330, to be exact).  All our flights were on time, and we survived the day.

We were met at our home airport by our great family friend, and he caught us up to date on the goings-on at home.

It was hotter here than it had been our entire trip, and the humidity was definitely worse.  My hair suddenly got wavy again.  (Still don’t get that, as I grew up in a very similar climate and my hair was ever so straight. . .)

A friend called and asked if we could get together in the next few days, but I told her I was too tired to think at the time, and asked if I could call in the morning.

We were able to eat an honest meal.  With vegetables!  And we were surprised with something from the garden.

The boys were absolutely thrilled that their hard work had paid off (that and the fence that went around the strawberry bed).

I have not finished the world history that I had wanted to get done with the  boys before we start this year, so I read to them about the Tudor’s last night.  (My plan is to finish this week — wish me luck.)

Then we put the boys down for an early bed-time, only to have Mihail rush down within the hour to “toss-up” his dinner.

Apparently, whatever Mom had, was contagious.




Science * garden maintenance
“Social Studies”   Tudor history
The “Arts”    
PE * playing outside for a couple of hours — very important after traveling most of the day
Life Skills    


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