Day 12 — June 2

Mikhail was still feeling a little under the weather this a.m. so called my friend and told her we would not be getting together till after her vacation.

She was totally okay with that upon finding out the reason why.

This afternoon Mikhail was feeling much better and so he and his brother spent a good portion of time out of doors just being kids.

We read about the Thirty Years War and the Inquisition today.

I let Tyler take it fairly easy today; although he had to get out in the heat and mow (along with Drew).  Drew had one of his driving sessions (1 of 3) with his driver’s ed. instructor.  Then, went this evening with Jay for another night session.

I just want it known, that I’m so glad to be home!  Vacations are nice, but being home is lovely!




“Social Studies” * 30 years war and Inquisition
The “Arts”    
PE * playing outside for a couple of hours
Life Skills * lawn maintenance, driving


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