Day 13 — June 3

Let’s see. . .

Jay’s surgery for his ankle was scheduled today (first thing).  Last night we got a call telling us it was being bumped 4 hours.

And, the long and short of it was that instead of having surgery at 0730, as was previously scheduled, he went in about 1730.  (The math on that is 10 hours later.)  We didn’t get him home till after midnight.

Since, it didn’t seem to be wise for me to sit around the hospital all that time, I was at home keeping the kids busy.

We read some more of our history.  At this point it seems the author is attempting to tie up some lose ends, of countries previously not discussed.  I think we essentially finished up the 17th century, but I can’t be sure.  The flow is a bit hard to follow at this point.

Paige came over to play for a couple of hours with the boys, and so I set up the sprinkler and they had a grand time.  They also went on a strawberry hunt and came back victorious.  😉

All in all a pretty laid back day.




“Social Studies” * cleaning up the 17th century
The “Arts”    
PE * playing outside for a couple of hours in sprinkler
Socialization * friend was over to play
Life Skills  


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