Day 14 — June 4

Honestly, I can’t wait till I’m all caught up from the vacation posts as this is getting me a bit confused!  (I’m still typing out the 4-Corners vacation / field trip.)

Today, we worked on taking care of the invalid. That was the major priority. Jay is doing pretty well getting around on his crutches, which is saying something as he has to take so many stairs. They had given him some “super” drugs before we left the hospital and told me that it wouldn’t wear off till sometime today.

It’s too bad those super drugs couldn’t last much longer!

A friend called yesterday and asked about Jay’s surgery and then told me that she spent yesterday praying for him, and she’ll spend the rest of the summer praying for me. She has a husband like mine, and recovery (for the family) is much worse than the surgery. 😉

And, like I said, it’s too bad those drugs wore off.

Jay was in pain last night and the pain meds he was given weren’t cutting it in his mind.  He gets extraordinarily grumpy when he’s in the slightest pain or upset.

Anyway, the boys all learned about “capillary return” and “bowel sounds”. This is what happens, I suppose, when the patient is in the medical field (even one in training). It was great fun in the a.m. gently squishing his toes to see the color go from white to pink.

When I realized the meds were wearing off, I gave the kids fair warning and they were smart enough to stay away.

We read some about the 1700’s yesterday.

Then, I thought it would be great to start the boys’ journaling.

One of them thought it was great, and the other. . .

not so much.

(Mikhail’s journal is the top picture and Garrett’s is the bottom.)

And, here’s a question for you: Is it just a kid thing, or a boy thing, that capital letters can go willy-nilly all over the page?

Did you notice Mikhail’s first line? It is supposed to say, “We saw a great blue heron.” He got excited about the rest of the stuff that I hadn’t even told him to write. (This is from the Draw*Write*Now books.) By the way, this is from our trip at Journey’s End. And, no, they will not be journaling every day like I. (Just on the really “cool” ones.)

Garrett and Mikhail started their reading again.  At this point it’s just reviewing what we’ve already learned, but that’s an excellent thing for positive reenforcement.  (They think they are awesome readers as of today.)

Tyler just finished a book.

It’s not on his reading list, so we call it “free reading”.

I think that was it. The day seemed so busy, but I suspect it was because I was doing laundry and fetching things, and being concerned, etc. This recovery business is exhausting!




English    Reading review & pleasure
“Social Studies” * cleaning up the 1700s.
The “Arts” * journaling
Life Skills    
“Other” * health: convelescing, circulatory system, digestive system


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