Day 16 — June 6


For school we kept it light, just doing Bible studies, review reading, and a touch of history.

The boys went to the pool for a couple of hours with Jay, which gave me time to catch up on the writing of this blog.  (And fix some weird date ordering issue.)

Then, I putzed around doing odds and ends (5 loads of laundry).  Straightening things up, and generally not feeling up to much of anything.

But, as luck would have it, it started raining.  A good solid rain!  So, the boys came home to drive me bonkers, but the house cooled down immensely.

Which lead me to vacuum the house.  Because apparently, while we were gone, the animals all started their shedding season.  And it was simply too hot to vacuum once we got home till tonight.

Then, I finally put up the last of the Easter stuff.  And that’s such a long story, I’m just not even going to start!

Ah, but I had mentioned earlier that Jay had bought me a gift on the last day of our trip.  He’s so proud of it, proclaiming there couldn’t be anything that described me better.

He is saying he’s going to hang it on our front door, as fair warning to any visitor.

He’s a goober.

Subject * Notes
English    review reading
Social Studies+    Bible studies.  related encyclopedia pages to the Enlightment
The “Arts”    
PE    swimming
Socialization    playing with friends at pool
Life Skills    


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