Day 17 — June 7

Someone has recently been confiscating my camera, and I have a pretty good idea who.

I mean, I hate to make hasty accusations, but comparing the above picture to that of the one below,

and I’m thinking I know who the culprit is.

So, I now have pictures of the neighbor’s dog,

as well as the sunshine

lots of birds, bugs, grass, trees. . .as well as lots of “blur”.

And this one

They are stripping our street in preparation for a re-paving.  And, I have found out from my neighbors that it has been 24 years since they last paved our road.

It led to a conversation with my little guys though as to whether they would like such a job.  Garrett said no, because he was quite certain they don’t get paid enough.  “Probably not even a $1,000, Mom.”  Mikhail said no because “they apparently only work once every 24 years.”


We spent about an hour outside this morning gardening.  The weeds are atrocious!  The boys harvested a pound of strawberries though, and we had them on pound cake tonight.  And, thanks to that small fact, I’m thinking I’ll be able to get another hour’s worth of work out of them tomorrow too.

We managed to get some school in today too.  Two lessons in math, in which Mikhail informed me with great sincerity that he had forgotten everything he ever knew about math and then proceeded with the crocodile tears.

But, he got through it.

Then, we re-read our last lesson in reading, and did the worksheet that went along with it.  This is Garrett’s least favorite subject, so there was some gnashing of teeth at this point too.

And then we did history.  Napoleon was our topic today.  Can I just say, I don’t get power-hungry people?  I mean, I really don’t.  Because I believe, as a rule, that you are just asking for immense amounts of grief from the people who don’t want to be under a power-monger.  And I’m a mom, I get more than enough grief, thank you.

The boys then went swimming.  It was a short trip today, as they are still on “school hours” this week.  But, still it was at least an hour.  Oh, and I forgot to mention yesterday that Garrett took and passed the “boards test” (swimming test that allows you to dive off the diving boards).  He was terribly excited about that.

This evening I read them a selection called “The Bee, The Mouse and The Bum-cock”, from our literature book, as well as some poems.  Jay is reading chapters from Ramona the Brave to them too.


Subject * Notes
English    reading / related exercises, literature
Math    lessons 101 & 102
Social Studies+    careers Napoleon
The “Arts”    
PE    swimming
Life Skills    
“Other”    garden upkeep


One comment on “Day 17 — June 7

  1. se7en says:

    Aaahhh a camera thief!!! How funny – like how on earth did you ever NOTICE that!!!

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