Day 18 — June 8


The day was not so terribly productive.

It started off just fine.  Jay volunteered to go grocery shopping for me, saying he could do it in one of those little scooters. 

He took Drew, who informed me he did all the shopping and “Daddy just raced around the store with that scooter thing.”

I grabbed the little guys with the determination that we would spend an hour outside weeding.

Well, we spent an hour, but it wasn’t productive.  It seemed they were fighting me every way they could.

Mikhail:  “But Mommy, I can’t reach over the fence to weed.”

Garrett:  “Mom, can’t we take a break now?  We’ve already done so much.”

Me:  “NO!  We just started 3 minutes ago!  Mikhail, you can weed the other box (without the fence).”


And then I recalled the story of “The Little Red Hen”.  It’s one of my favorite childhood stories.  Hmm, we should do a blog post like that one time.

Anyway, as it is one of my favorite stories, my children are intimately familiar with it.  So, it didn’t take much to remind them of the story.  And then I came out with,

“I feel like the Little Red Hen.  I wonder who you all are in that story?”

For you see, it doesn’t matter at that point who they are.  If they aren’t the Little Red Hen, then they don’t get the goodies at the end of the story.  (Although in the original tale she shares her bread with her chicks I was counting on them not thinking of themselves as chicks.)

It got minutely better. . .

Then we came in and did math — without tears.

Our final “subject” for the day was reading.  So we collected together all of our previous reading books and pulled out all the new ones.  (Because we had finished all the books of one “step” right before vacation, and that is what they were using for review.)  They each read me a book.

Tyler took his science test.  I have yet to grade it, but I’ll get to that today.  He has also started studying for his driver’s exam.

After dinner and right before the boys went swimming, I was out in the garden again trying to finish the weeding.  Both little guys came out to help, without any prompting, nor with any fussing, and I was terribly glad for their help.

There are two things that arise in our house “frequently”, that I want to discuss here.

The first is the act of “stretching”.  That comes up at least once a week, if not more often.  I find stretching to be very important, and it boggles my mind the number of people who will walk around *in pain*, who won’t stretch.  Or worse, they will “stretch”, but do it completely wrong.  (For example, Tyler’s best friend James was over complaining about his back last night.  I asked if he had stretched and he assured me he had.  I asked him how, and he promptly went into a back-bend for me!  A back-bend for a back stretch!  Pah-lease!)

Note: after I finish this post I’m going to go stretch myself as I’m sore from the gardening endeavors.

The second thing is posture.  Now, in my house that comes up a gazillion times a day.  This is because Garrett has the absolute worse posture of anyone in my family.  He’s like a well-loved rag-doll.  And while that sounds endearing, just think of how floppy such a doll is.  Drives me nuts!  I could go into many reasons as to why posture is so good to practice, but that would be soap-boxy, so I’ll just simply tell you it is.

Now part of the reason that yesterday was so bad is because something hit the laptop, some nasty bit of mal/spy-ware.  Something so gruesome that, while I’m sure I could have fixed it (over the course of the summer), I decided I didn’t want to deal with it on top of everything else.  So, I forked out the dough and had it fixed.  (And, what would have taken me the course of a summer to fix, manually, the fix-it dude had a program and it only took him an hour.)

My family was in shock!  Never, has anything hit our computers (other than them just dying on us) that I have been unable / unwilling to fix.  And there you have it, my pedestal is a mere platform at this point (and its only that high due to the little people who live our house).


Subject * Notes
English  *  reading
Math  *  two lessons
Social Studies+    
The “Arts”    
PE  *  swimming / discussion on  stretching & posture (again)
Life Skills    
“Other”  *  garden maintenance


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